Earn College Credit Abroad in Jerusalem!
Aish HaTorah's Study Abroad Program

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2013-2014         Fall6-Oct-13 to 26-Dec-13
2013-2014     Winter29-Dec-13 to 31-Mar-14
2014             Spring30-Apr-14 to 5-Aug-14
It's About Education and Leadership 

 * Gain a strong understanding of Jewish thought 
   while living in the heart of Jerusalem.
 * Examine the relevance of being Jewish in today's world.
 * Define major tenets of Jewish thought from a rational perspective
 * Explore major themes and practices in Jewish spirituality
 * Gain leadership skills necessary for the Jewish world's advancment

It's About Growth

* Curriculum include tracks in: Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History, 
Talmudic Studies, Torah Studies, Relationships & Jewish Law

* Enter a forum which provides opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to    discover the wisdom and beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.

Departments and Classes
Talmud: Overview & In-Depth Analysis

Introductory Talmud Overview 

Beginning Talmud Overview & Analysis 

Intermediate Talmud Overview & Analysis 

Advanced Talmud Overview & Analysis 
Department of Jewish Law 

Introductory Law: Overview

Beginning Law Studies 

Intermediate Law Studies 

Advanced Law Studies 
Department of Philosophy & Ethics 

Introduction to Philosophy & Ethics

Beginning Philosophy & Ethics 

Intermediate Philosphy & Ethics 

Advanced Philosphy & Ethics 
Department of Torah Studies 

Introductory Torah Studies 

Beginning Torah Studies 

Intermediate Torah Studies 

Advanced Torah Studies 
Department of Language 

Introductory Hebrew A 

Introductory Hebrew B 

Introductory Hebrew C 

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Aish Abroad Launches Its Semester Abroad Program
List of North American Colleges/Universities in conjunction with Aish Abroad's program stands at 46. By the end of 2014, Aish Abroad hopes to top 100.
Next Step -  Professional Internships for Aish Abroad Students
To add the abroad experience, Aish Abroad is looking to connect students with professional firms in a vast array of industries for professional growth.